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Walters Traditional White Turkeys


Walters Traditional White Turkeys

These fresh local Berkshire White Turkeys are available in the following weights and can be ordered now for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

They are slow rearing and are recognised as having a fuller flavour than the alternatives. With giblets, rosemary and a pop-up cooking timer.

4.5 to 4.99kg (serves 6-8)

5.0 to 5.49kg (serves 8-10)

5.5 to 5.99kg (serves 10-12)

6.0 to 6.49kg (serves 12-13)

6.5 to 6.99kg (serves 13-15)

7.0 to 7.99kg (serves 14-16)

8.0 to 8.99kg (serves 16-18)


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